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Skin Care Services in Wellington, Florida

Skin Care Services in Wellington, Florida


Facials are dedicated to all skin conditions: teens, acne, men, dry, sensitive, rosacea, antiaging and more.

Facial Jet:
Each treatment will "gently pressure wash" your skin utilizing water, oxygen and antioxidant supplements, delivered at a supersonic speed to improve the appearance and texture of your skin. It unclogs pores of debris that has been built up over the years, leaving your skin looking more vibrant, smooth and youthful. Facial includes light peel, extractions, massage and mask.

Diamond Dermabrasion Facial:
Restores cell activity and promotes skin health. This crystal-free machine abrades or rubs off the top layer, then vacuums out the particles along with any dirt and dead skin backup, leaving the skin soft and resulting in a healthy, glowing, beautiful complexion. Facial includes light peel, extractions, massage and mask.

Bioelectroporation Facial:
A very comfortable treatment that uses specific electromagnetic waves to transport active ingredients directly into the cells faster while promoting a more lifting, youthful response. Applied product is selected to meet the patient’s needs and treatment. Facial includes light peel, extractions, massage and mask.

Fusion MesoTherapy – Rejuvenation Facial:
A needle-free serum using the newest generation of professional and noninvasive treatments for enhancing beauty and health, without pain or skin damage. Containing only pure ingredients, this facial stimulates collagen, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and guards against aging while tightening skin, moisturizing and adding volume. The result is a plump, youthful look, especially when combined with another medical-grade facial.

European Deep Medical-Grade Facial:

This deep-pore facial consists of a gentle cleansing, exfoliation, high frequency and microcurrent/LED light machine and a light massage. Followed by a specific mask application.